Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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What have I missed on Twitter?

Other than posting a few cranky tweets, I haven't really been on Twitter much lately, and I was wondering what I've missed. Here's a guess:

  1. People bitching about Andrelton Simmons hitting leadoff for the Braves.
  2. People bitching about Chris Johnson's defense at thrid base for the Braves.
  3. People just plain bitching about Dan Uggla.
  4. People arguing about the quality of Freddie Freeman's defensive play at third base.
  5. A blood war between those who think strikeouts are a big deal and those that think they are overrated.
  6. The Beckett guy being an asshole towards collectors.
  7. Topps posting a bunch of pictures of cards that I wouldn't bother collecting, even if I were to win Powerball.
  8. Everyone live tweeting today's golf tourney.

How did I do?

On an unrelated point, am I allowed to respect Mickelson's game and still think he's a pompous, self-righteous jerk?