Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Welcome Back Tom

Tom Glavine is, once again, an Atlanta Brave. Good to see that Tom and John Schuerholz can put the bad blood behind them and move on.

The two have certainly had a checkered history.

There was drama when Glavine left the Braves for Atlanta. (Did Schuerholz make a serious attempt to retain Glavine? Was there some sort of message in Glavine’s signing with the Braves divisional rival?)

There was drama when Schuerholz’s book came out. (Why was Schuerholz trying to provide cover for Glavine for signing with the Mets? Was it spin control?)

There was drama upon Glavine’s release. (Did Frank Wren ever seriously intend to use Tom Glavine? Was he simply an insurance policy in case Hanson wasn’t ready, or somebody else got hurt? Could Schuerholz have done more to prevent the move from coming off the way it did?)

No matter.

The man whose back the Atlanta Braves rode to their only world championship …

The man whose 1991 Cy Young season was the catalyst that started a 14 season division winning streak …

The man who will wear a Braves cap on his hall-of-fame plaque in four more years has come back home to Atlanta. I hope its a long stay for Glavine and I hope he’s as successful in the front office as he was on the playing field.