Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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The Potential Awesomeness of the new Talking Chop

The link in the title is a great example of the Capital Avenue Club at its best. It's a thorough breakdown of Brian McCann's performance since his return and why he may be even better than the surface numbers suggest. I especially like how Franklin shows us that even Sabremetrics aren't absolutes and you have to look at how the numbers work together to determine what's what. This is sophisticated and nuanced work and I hope to see more like this on the new Talking Chop.

Often, the debate between more traditional fans and stat heads are between two types. There's the traditional fan who sticks his head in the sand and pretends that baseball analysis hasn't changed in years. It's almost like people denying the most basic math. On the other side, the stat heads can be astonishingly mean and arrogant towards those whose analysis skills are less sophisticated. There are many of us who often feel trapped between the two camps. Franklin doesn't fall into stereotype here. This is great, great work.

I share many of the Talking Chop regulars concerns about the transition, but work like this will alleviate most of our concerns.