Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Surprise Purchase: Fake Patch Autographs

So, how’d I make out on the Finest fake patch autographs? Let’s see …

Unimpressive. I’m assuming he was injured most of this season since he only played a single game in Rookie ball. He was once a Top 50 Baseball America prospect, but no more.

A September call-up for the Yankees who I don’t think anyone sees as a big time, big league player. He’s been up three straight Septembers for three different teams.

Now we’re talking. The man with the MONSTER clothesline. The man who’s the best rookie in the National League not named Heyward or Posey. I hate the fish. Hate, hate, hate the fish. However, how can you not like a guy who can throw a clothesline like the one he hit Morgan with? Not a bad card at all, unless, you’re of the opinion that all fake patches suck. In that case, this one would just suck less than the other two.