Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Smoltz Notes

  • There were a lot of opinions flying around about whether Smoltz should have pitched against the Braves when the Red Sox were in town. Smoltz was glad to not face Atlanta. Chipper was happy not to face Smoltz. Me? I agree with this guy. The only reason the Braves are still in it at this point is the dismal performance of the rest of the division. We are a team going nowhere that, outside of Tommy Hanson, is providing little in the way of excitement. A Smoltz vs Braves game would have at least livened up a dismal season.
  • So, Smoltz's first start for the "Other Evil Empire" was awful. His second start was fine, but, due to rain, it ended early so he may have had another four run inning anyway. His third start was also awful. Obviously, the guy is still getting back into the swing of things but an important point needs to be made: the Braves made the right decision on John Smoltz. Now, unlike a lot fans, I had no problem with Smoltz signing for the Red Sox. I will never begrudge anyone taking the best deal for themselves, but the Braves did not and do not need John Smoltz.
  • Thank God he's finally pitching and he's stopped his little whinefest about the Braves. Considering his age and his history of arm problems, his contract was a gift. He should appreciate the position he's in and just concentrate on pitching his best. His playing for the Red Sox is the best thing for him and it is the best thing for the Atlanta Braves. The whining was unseemly and unnecessary.