Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Smoltz Collection: 1995 Finest #313

This card is going to sit in my Smoltz binder. It may never be touched by human hands again. Why have I left the protective film on the card?
I love that they've highlighted Smoltz's 10-1 record down the stretch in 1991. He was truly amazing during the pennant race. In one of those stories that people seem to forget, Smoltz needed the help of a shrink to get over an awful first half and dominate the second. The shrink even had a seat behind home plate on days when Smoltzie would pitch. I'm not poking fun. It worked. What do you think, does the shrink get the credit he deserves for the role he played in Smoltz's career? (Yes, I am too damn lazy to look up the shrink's name.)