@sku_b I'm glad you are enjoying them! Thank you.

@grayareas He was so much fun to watch play. His whole career really, but those late 70s, early 80s Expos teams were just loaded with great players.

@help Having another issue with a post! The post showed up with images on my hosted blog, but then it showed up on my time line without the images and now the post itself doesn't show at all. www.madduxglavinesmoltz.com/2019/01/0...

@help I've got a post stuck with the message “The page you requested is still being published. It should be available soon.". www.madduxglavinesmoltz.com/2019/01/0... This happens a LOT with posts on this account.

@bjk As far as I'm concerned, there are no bad vintage cards!

@mikehaynes Snyder is so insanely good. I'm loving Metal and can't wait to see what he brings to JL. (I thought that Earth 2: Society book was underrated. A lot of good ideas throughout the story.)

@mikehaynes 100% agree, but man, I'm going to miss Jiminez on Super Sons. Well, I'm going to just flat out miss Super Sons.

@MadGlavSmoltz This picture will not upload. Here's another shot at showing off my 59 Spahn All-Star.

@schuth I’m a big hall guy, but I suspect you're right about Kaat. I think I let my affection for him get the better of me. And my dislike of Morris!

@josephaleo Very true!!