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Pimping My App ... Again

Two weekends ago, I went out antiquing with my Father in Law. I'm not much into purchasing antiques myself, but it's fun to go through all of the random stuff that accumulates in these stores. Of course, I also went because my Father in Law told me that this one guy has lots of baseball cards. Sold!

In the back closet, he had at least seven 5000 card boxes filled with cards. The guy working at the shop told me he thought they were full of stuff from the 1970s. Truth is, he doesn't know a lot about baseball cards. The cards were almost all from the late 80s and the early 90s and wasn't unlike many of the boxes people like me and you have stored somewhere in our own collection. I think the cardboard in the 5000 count box might be worth as much as the cards themselves.

On the other hand, there were also stacks of cards under the glass counter in the front. These were the good cards. I picked up a few dozen cards I needed for my 1973 set and that was good. Better yet, he had two stacks of 1970 commons and minor stars. I've been looking to get started on this set, and this provided me with the perfect opportunity. I offered a fair price and it was accepted.

Now, a little over a week ago, I wrote a bit about an app I had developed for the iPad and the iPhone. Like many collectors who build sets, I've always printed out lists of numbers for each card in the set so I have something to check off as I acquire cards. Then, when I'm ready to enter my want list online, I type in each of the numbers that haven't been stricken through on my printed page. Complete! automates all of this for me. It presents the card numbers from a set in a grid. When I tap on a card number, it changes color in the grid and I know I have the card. I can also track the cards I have available to trade by continuously tapping a number. The app will generate small HTML files with the want list and trade bait from a set.

The app came in handy in the antique store when I was going through the stack of 1973 cards and it proved handy when I got home and started to go through my 1970 cards to see which I had. I've already posted my 1970 Topps want list and trade bait using the output from the app.

The app isn't perfect. I don't have a method for syncing lists between different devices yet, and I don't see how I'll be able to implement a cross platfor syncing solution for free. Yes, the app itself isn't cross platform yet. Once I overcome my aversion to Java, I'll get an Android version ready. I may build a web app as well.

On the other hand, I have a new feature I'm working on and excited about. The app will gain the ability to post your want list and trade bait lists directly to your Blogger or Wordpress blog. This should save any more time when building a set. I hope. Maybe. I don't know.

I'm sure most of you aren't the least bit interested, and that's fair. Still, if you are, the app is only 99 cents on the App Store. It's already helped me out.

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