Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Maddux and Glavine and Smoltz

My three favorite players are in the news a bit today …

  • So, young Cub hurler Andrew Cashner got a nugget of encouragement from Greg Maddux recently. It seems that Mr. Cushner has bene walking some batters. Maddux told him that Tom Glavine led the league three straight years in walks, and was still a 20 game winner. Now, Maddux is my favorite baseball player of all time. He is, however, on occasion, full of it. Glavine never led the league in walks. (You should also read this great article for the whopper Greg Maddux says about the Padres inability to hold men on first. Great stuff. Best line in the article? “(T)he Maddux scouting report: bats right, throws right, farts left”.

  • As for Glavine, you’ll be hearing him more often this season on Peachtree TV. He will be teamed up with Joe Simpson for a number of broadcasts this year. I’d like to see more of Glavine’s personality sneak through, but I thought he did a fine job last year. Best of all: No Skip Caray on these broadcasts!!!

  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Smoltz will be broadcasting Braves games this year. Personally, I was hoping that the new broadcast booth would be Joe Simpson, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. Oh well. I’m not sure why Smoltz won’t be back, but perhaps this article gives a clue as to why. Is Smoltz trying to take his golf game pro?