Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Barring something that resembles a miracle, Kris Medlen will be undergoing his second Tommy John surgery in the near future. That's the same Kris Medlen that has won three of the last eight National League pitcher of the month awards. The same Kris Medlen who is always smiling on the mound, having the time of his life. The same Kris Medlen that has become a favorite of seemingly every fan of the Atlanta Braves. He is, undeniably, one of the game's good guys.

At Talking Chop, they've posted a serious of comments he made to Atlanta area radio station 680 The Fan. You hear so often about how athlete's today are just in it for the money, mostly from people jealous about how much money a successful athlete makes. Listen to the emotion is Medlen's voice and tell me he isn't the real deal.

You will be hearing a lot of cold-hearted analysis from a lot of people about how Kris Medlen has pitched his last game in a Braves uniform. You will hear them saying that it simply won't make sense for the Braves to bring him back. I get where they are coming from. I'll even acknowledge that they may be right. I just don't care. Kris Medlen is the kind of guy you want your team to take a chance on. I want Kris Medlen back in a Braves uniform.