Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Glavine Notes

  • Next Friday, I'll be at Turner Field watching the Braves retire number 31 in honor of the great Greg Maddux. Unfortunately, Tom Glavine won't be there. No, it has nothing to do with his current problems with the Braves franchise. One son of his has a hockey tournament in Boston and another has a baseball tournament in Florida. The Braves will play a taped message from Glavine instead at the ceremony.
  • Glavine has, of course, decided that he won't be pitching in 2009. At 43, this effectively ends his career. It's time and I think deep down he knows that. I get why he lashed out at the Braves organization the way he did ... he was hurt. Thankfully, he didn't act on the grievance and he can begin to think about his future. Like Maddux, I think Glavine has a future as a coach, or perhaps even a manager but I suppose only time will tell on that one. As for his unofficial retirement, if he doesn't pitch again, Glavine will be eligible to go into the Hall of Fame alongside Greg Maddux in 2014.
  • Terry Pendleton says that Cole Hamels reminds him of Tom Glavine. Hamels is a fine pitcher of course, but I don't see the similarity at all. I'd say Terry should stick to his job as hitting coach, but frankly, that's a position I'd love to see him give up. Still, I'll always love T.P. for the 1991 and 1992 seasons.