Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Braves Notes: Opening Day

The Ace

Derek Lowe looked like he was worth every penny of that contract. He had the Phillies banging balls into the ground all night. His curve (which looks like a slider, but is not a slider, as the announcers kept pointing out over and over and over and over and over again) was just outstanding and had the Phillies in fits. It was nice to get out of a game in Philadelphia without Ryan Howard beating us like a narc at a biker rally.

The Return of the Home Run

It seems like all the announcers could talk about at the beginning of the game was the Braves lack of home run power. Hey, I don’t disagree with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on this point. Still, the Braves came out blasting last night. Brian McCann’s first inning home run was absolutely crushed and would land in the second deck. Jeff Francouer and Jordan Schafer hit line drive home runs that were out of the park in the blink of an eye. Yunel Escobar was inches away from a home run himself. It was fun to watch and gives this Braves fan a little bit of hope that we can have a good offensive season.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

This time last year, promising young Braves prospect Jordan Schafer was about to begin a 50 game suspension. It was not a great year for Schafer by any means, but he persevered and now he’s the starting center fielder for the Atlanta Braves. In his first at-bat as an Atlanta Brave, he smacked a Brett Myers pitch over the center field fence. He would then stroke a single up the middle, intentionally walk and strike out on a wicked Brad Lidge slider. Welcome to the show Jordan. If this is a sign of things to come, I’m looking forward to the season.

Gonzalez Makes Things Interesting

Braves closer Mike Gonzales must have thought that Lowe had made the game too boring. I think anyone who saw the damage that Ryan Howard inflicted on the Braves in 2008 had major heartburn when he came up with one out as the tying run. Fortunately, Gonzo would get Howard and Ibanez to strike out and the Braves won their first game of the year.