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Braves Collection: Terry Pendleton

1994 Topps Finest

When healthy, TP was a pretty good ballplayer for the Cardinals. In 1990 though, his numbers were way down due to hamstring problems. It looked like his promising career was almost over. He was the first player that John Schuerholz picked up when he took over as the Braves GM. The belief was that TP would sure up the infield defense to help out our promising young pitching. If he found his offense again, all the better. What the Braves got, for at least the first two years, was a genuine leader and a true MVP.
I’m just starting to familiarize myself with the Topps Finest designs from over the years, and I do not like this one. I do not like green borders. I do not like them Sam I Am. This card is gaudy. Still, it has found a happy home in my Braves collection.