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Braves Collection: Oddibe McDowell

1990 Upper Deck

Truth be told, I remember very little about McDowell. I remember him being in the 1985 Topps set as a member of Team USA. I remember him wearing the number 1. I remember his name being misspelled occasionally on his cards. That’s about it, really. I guess I need something else to write about then.

Here’s all I can come up with. I was reading McDowell’s wikipedia page and I’m wondering why so many wikipedia pages list Chris Berman nicknames for a player. These names were never given to an athlete to help promote an athlete. No, these names were given by a bad announcer looking to provide himself a hook to promote his own career. Why do people consider this essential information to place on a player’s page? Color me baffled. (My attempts to delete these nicknames from an entry have been rejected each time.)

(As for Berman himself, I wish I could lay my hands on the audio of either Don Sutton or Skip Carray, I can’t remember which, who just eviscerated him in the radio booth one time over the difference between giving a player a nickname versus using a player to further one’s own career. Good stuff. If I never hear “back, back, back” again I’ll be a happy man. Why couldn’t he have been sent packing alongside Jon Miller and Joe Morgan?)