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Braves Collection: Manny Acosta

2007 Topps Rookies 1952 Edition #167

Manny is a solid bullpen pitcher who looks to have a lock on the Braves bullpen again this year. Ultimately, he’s destined for a career as a middle releiver as he doesn’t have the pitch variety to be a starter, and he hasn’t performed well in the closer role. His best chance for success in 2009 is for the Braves to keep Gonzales, Moylan and Soriano so that Bobby isn’t forced to use Acosta in a role for which he isn’t suited. 

Now, I like Acosta because he looks mad and like that in a pitcher. On this card however, he’s all smiles. That said, let me say, there has never been a more pointless set than the Topps 1952 Rookie Edition. Yeah, the 1952 design is every bit as classic as claimed … but lets give it a rest. This set serves no function except to provide a lot of cards of a lot of people that no one will collect. Ever.