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Braves Collection: Kevin Coffman

1989 Topps #488

I always wondered how Kevin Coffman got his job. He was an 11th round draft pick, which isn’t really indicative of anything, but looking at his minor league stats doesn’t impress. He did have a year where he averaged over a strikeout an inning and another year where he almost averaged a strikeout an inning, but even in those years he had ERAs well over 4. Perhaps if I had a better memory, I would remember if he was one of those prospects everyone thought was “can’t miss”. As it is, he missed and I just can’t remember him.

Wow. You don’t get many cards, and on this one, it’s as boring a shot as you can imagine. I do love the “Now With Cubs” designation. It’s his only appearance on card that mentions the Cubs. He would pitch just over 18 innings with the Cubbies and would give up 23 earned runs. Ouch. I’m sure Cubs fans could have lived without the designation.