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Braves Collection: Cecil Upshaw

1972 Topps
A few thoughts about Cecil Upshaw and the card on which he's featured:

1 - Cecil is the first player I've featured from my Braves collection who's first year in MLB was the Braves first year in Atlanta.

2 - He's featured in just an awful pose for a pitcher. I'd much prefer a look at Upshaw's motion than to see him in fielding position. Couldn't they have caught him slinging that sidearm fastball? (His 1974 Topps card did, but he's an ASTRO on that card and I don't do Astro cards unless its to mock someone.)

3 - I may be the exception, but the 1972 Topps design just does not work for me at all. In fact, I often get a headache just thinking about the cards.

4 - Cecil career was somewhat tragic. He was one of the best young relievers in the game in 1969. In fact, he was the best pitcher in the bullpen for the 69 Braves who won the western division. In 1970, he tore several ligaments in his pitching hand when jumping to touch an awning. He missed the entire 1970 season and wasn't great again, although he wasn't exactly bad at first either.

5 - Cecil passed away at just 52 years of age, just a few miles down the road from me in Lawrenceville.