Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Braves Collection: Buzz Capra

1978 Topps #578

In 1974, Buzz’s earned run average of 2.28 was the best in the National League. He would win 16 games as well. It was his only great year in the big leagues, but hey, he had a great year in the big leagues, How many people get to say that?

Love the hair too, but is the jacket airbrushed? He had been a Brave for four seasons by the time this card was issued. Surely they could have found a picture. I wonder sometimes if Topps just airbrushes cards for the hell of it. You know, justify the cost of keeping the airbrush artists on the payroll. If Upper Deck really wanted to copy Topps they’d start airbrushing half the set.