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Braves Collection: Bruce Sutter

1986 Topps
Signing Bruce Sutter before the 1985 season sure seemed like a no-brainer at the time for the Braves. In 1984, Sutter saved 45 games with a 1.54 ERA. He was tough and dominating and many assumed he was the best reliever in the game and that he was still in his prime. Sometimes though, things don’t work out. Actually, for the Braves of the mid to late 80s nothing worked out. Sutter was OK with the Braves at first but soon found his way to the disabled list with a rotator cuff tear and was never quiet the same. He’d only pitch in 16 games in 1986 and would then miss the entire 1987 season. After 38 appearances in 1988, he would suffer a complete tear of his rotator cuff. He would unofficially retire before the 1989 season and the Braves would waive him after the season. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Sutter is a most deserving hall of famer, but as an Atlanta Brave, he was just a disappointment.