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Braves Collection: Bob Watson

1983 Donruss
In so many ways, Bob Watson has had a fairly remarkable career in baseball. As a player, the Bull was a pretty good first baseman for a number of years, especially in the mid 70s with the Astros. About a decade after his playing career ended, the Astros made him the first ever African American General Manager. He would become the Yankees GM in 1995, and in his first year in that capacity, they would win the World Series. (By leading a Yankee organization to a defeat of the Braves in the World Series means that he IS a traitor to the Braves. Boo hiss Bob.)

Now, Bob Watson is retiring from his career as the ridiculous baseball executive in charge of discipline. Of all the stupid decisions he made in that capacity, the whole thing about stopping Terry Francona and Joe Maddon from wearing hoodies has to be the dumbest. At some point, MLB will need to sit back and realize how stupid old men in baseball uniforms look. Seriously.