Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Braves Cardboard Sundays

Hi all! Its been awhile …

I haven’t disappeared completely. I’ve been working on a column that appears every Sunday morning at Talking Chop (the best of the Atlanta Braves blogs) called Braves Cardboard Sundays. Here’s a short summary of each of my columns so far, in reverse chronological order:

Carboard Memory: Francisco Cabrera - A look at Francisco Cabrera’s big hit, but not the one you’re thinking about.

Five to Collect: Brian McCann - Do you want to start a Brian McCann collection? Start here.

Eric O’Flaherty Gets His Due - A look at the Atlanta Braves cards in 2011 Topps Update Series, including the long overdue first card of EOF in a Braves uniform. 

Collecting Jason Heyward - A discussion of why I collect Jason Heyward, even after the season he just had.

Hope and Pain and Hope Again - I attempt to put the Braves collapse into perspective. Mostly, I wrote this so I wouldn’t sit around sobbing like a baby.

Is It Worth It? - About the psychology that goes into purchasing a box of cards.

Cardboard Memory: Ernie Johnson - A tribute to late Braves announcer Ernie Johnson.

Braves on the Box - Topps has one sure fire way to get me to spend money on cards I don’t want: stick a Braves player on the box.

Cardboard Memory: Chris Chambliss - I recall the first Braves game I attended in person, including Chris Chambliss’ game winning hit.

Where, Oh Where, Is Eric O’Flaherty? - Why does Topps exclude certain players from a set?

A Baseball Fan, A Braves Fan, A Card Collector - An introductory column.