Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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A New Home

I started MGS years ago for one purpose: I wanted people with whom I could trade baseball cards. Something unexpected happenned though. I was offered a chance by gondeee to write about Braves collecting for Talking Chop. To say it was an honor is a massive undertatement. I was an avid reader and admirer of the site for years before gondeee asked me to write for it. I'm not sure the quality of the Braves Cardboard Sundays ever lived up to the standard that guys like gondeee, CB, Bennett, Scott and Dan set, but I tried my best and I had fun doing it.

On the other hand, long form posts are not easy. The quality of the site intimidated me so I tried my best to put in the work necessary to produce quality content. As such, MGS withered on the vine. I just didn't have the energy to do both and keep up with my job and family concerns. As an ongoing concern, I won't be continuing Braves Cardboard Sundays.

It was announced this morning that Talking Chop and the Capital Avenue Club are merging into a single site, the new Talking Chop. For any Braves fans that aren't familiar with CAC, it's a great, stats-oriented Braves blog that has done more to further my education in the so-called "new stats" than anything. The combination of talent remaining at Talking Chop and coming over from CAC means that Talking Chop will remain the best of the Braves baseball blogs. Of that, I have no doubt.

Still, without gondeee and CB, the site won't be the same. Fortunately, gondeee is going ahead with his own blog at CB promised on TC that he would still be covering minor league baseball on his Twitter account. All is not lost!

As for me, Maddux Glavine Smoltz will spring back to life, but it will be different than it was before. I intend to post on a regular basis about the Braves and collecting the Braves, but also about baseball and the hobby in general. There will be the occasionaly long form post, but I have a shorter style in mind. I hope I can execute it well. I guess we will all know soon.