Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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A Few Early Thoughts on 2013 Topps Archives

I've yet to put my hands on a retail pack. I haven't seen a single card in person. I haven't held a single card. So, feel free to take each of the following points with a grain of salt.

  • I didn't really expect Evan Gattis to show up in Archives since his debut on the national stage has been a bit of a surprise. I'm bugged, however, that Topps has released another set without an Andrelton Simmons card in 2013. One of the great joys for each and every Braves fan is watching Simba field a routine ground ball. When he makes a more difficult play, it simply leaves us speechless. Since his debut, he has been the best defensive shortstop in the big leagues, by a large margin. His Heritage card is the only card Topps has released this year. Ridiculous.
  • If I bought a hobby box of this set and ended up with an autograph card of some washed up rock star, I'd be fairly pissed off. With Allen & Ginter, non-baseball cards are part of the contract and have been from day one. Archives is a baseball set and has what I would consider to be one of the more interesting autograph lineups. Why the heavy metal autographs? Does Topps ever have an idea that doesn't suck?
  • Chances are that you or I will never own the Jason Heyward card pictured below. The card is super short-printed and has been selling for between $120 and $180. There are, of course, no limit to the number of ways you could find to spend your money better than purchasing this stupid ass SSP card. I'd suggest buying the card on which it was based, the 1957 Topps Hank Aaron card. Hell, for the cost of the Heyward, you could pick up the Aaron in pretty good shape.

The Braves master set I ordered from Brent and Becca is on its way. I'll have a full review up after my team set gets here, and I find a few packs to open for myself.

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