Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Card Show Pickup #6: 1954 Braves

Roger, the guy who was running the show, threw in the Bob Buhl card you see below for free. I love the card and I have no intention of replacing it. (When I say I like "well used" vintage cards, I'm not kidding.) The Calderone has great ragged edges and some nice surface wear. Even better is the small inset picture of Calderone in his catching gear where he look a bit like a midget, or little person, or whatever. It's just a great card of a guy who looks like everyone's italian neighbor on an old sitcom. Buhl just looks serious, which isn't his reputation. No one who ran with Warren Spahn and Lew Burdette could be considered serious.

The best Topps set of all time is either the 1953 set or the 1954 set. Looking at these, I’m leaning towards the 1954 set. I love this set and if I ever try to build a full set from the 50s, this will be the one. Even without the full set, the one baseball card I covet more than any other comes from this set. That’s is, of course, the Hank Aaron rookie. I will own the card someday. It will be in lousy shape. I’ll love it anyway. I just wish that day would get here.