Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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1996 Topps John Smoltz #139 - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

I feel sorry for John Smoltz. He wasn’t good enough with his money, so he had to keep working at a job he clearly doesn’t like. When he first started broadcasting as a Braves color man, he was pretty good. He was jovial and shared the worst possible jokes with the entire world. Now, he has to have the job, and he’s clearly unhappy. I don’t understand why a television network would employ someone to call baseball games who clearly doesn’t enjoy the sport he’s calling. The same goes for the mediocre spawn of the great Jack Buck.

Baseball is the greatest game in the world. People like Smoltz are convinced that the game was exactly the same when he played as it was for the entire history of the game, right up until the moment the young kids after him took over. I’m not sure if guys like him are stupid or dishonest. The game has always evolved. In fact, the game has always evolved for the better.

Look, I love John Smoltz the right handed pitcher. He was a bad ass on the mound and he played a part of many of my fondest baseball memories. (Well, not the 1995 World Series when he couldn’t make it out of the third because Cleve land was beating him around and all.) He’s actively ruining that by hating on the game as often as possible. The funny thing is, when he sticks to what he knows best, getting in the mind of a pitcher, he’s not bad at all. Oh John. Go away and play golf.

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