Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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1984 Topps Traded Alex Trevino #120T - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

Whenever I don’t know what card to write about, I use a “random card generator” that I wrote to choose one for me. This morning, it spit out Alex Trevino. I tried to find something interesting to say about him, but I’ve got nothing. He was one of a long line of shitty catchers the Braves acquired from other teams. I think of him as a New York Met because if I were to try and picture him, which I typically wouldn’t, it would be as he was on his 1981 Donruss card. Yeah, he was a Met and he stunk so who gives a crap?

I’ve been thinking about the Braves off-season a lot lately, and I’m convinced that Mike Moustakas would be a perfect “Braves Way” player.

That’s not a complement.

1984 Topps Trevino 120Ta