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1999 Topps Ozzie Guillen - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

I love Ozzie Guillen so much. I wish MLB had more guys who would say what’s on their mind without any filter. Can you imagine how much more entertaining the league would me? MLB was better with Ozzie managing.

Not the Braves though. Please? Never the Braves.

I wrote quite a bit about Ozzie many years ago at Talking Chop for a book review and I forgot just how much I enjoy his personality. In a world of cookie cutter athletes from the “gosh, I’m just glad to be here” school, it’s a relief to have individuals with real personalities who tells you his truth. I miss Ozzie.

Ozzie Guillen loves to talk. The only two words not to pass his lips are no comment. He is volatile, funny, bright, passionate, ridiculous, absurd, loud, obnoxious, profane, honest and occasionally self-destructive.

He tells what he believes to be the truth in the moment and his most outrageous words always end up in print. He finds himself in hot water more than any reasonable man could tolerate. This is why many of us love him and it is also why many hate him. One thing though, at least he takes his lumps like a man. He doesn’t shoot off to a reporter and then try to blame the reporter for the backlash. Ozzie knows who he is and he knows when he says certain things he’s going to get into trouble. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he just can’t stop himself.

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