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1985 Topps Terry Forster 248 - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

If you grew up in the days of MLB.TV and regional sports networks and Extra Innings and so on, it might be hard to understand just how amazing the superstations really were. Baseball was no longer the NBC Game of the Week on Saturday afternoon and Monday nights on ABC before the NFL season started. It was there every single night. Even if you weren’t a Braves fan or a Cubs fan or a Mets fan, you could still watch baseball on WTBS, WGN or WOR.

One individual who loved the newfound glut of baseball games to watch was David Letterman. One player in particular caught his fancy. That player was Terry Forster. His comments were somewhat less than kind! “He’s a balloon.” “He is a load!” “A fat tub of goo.” In fairness to Letterman, these were more descriptions than value judgments. Actually, they were both.

Letterman kept at it. Show after show after show after show. It was good stuff. Letterman actually called Forster to apologize at some point, but still kept it up. Eventually, Forster made an appearance on Late Night with Letterman and was about as good a sport as you could possibly want. He said he was upset at first but then looked in the mirror and realized Letterman was right, and besides that, his wife has called him worse. He walked out with a sandwich and even did a cooking segment with Dave.

20 WAR careers out of the bullpen are not usual. Forster had a number of good to great years in the big leagues, including a few with the Braves. Even so, it was his brief brush with Late Night celebrity for which he’s most famous.

1985 Topps Forster 248a

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