Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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1954 Topps Roy Smalley 231 - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

Roy Smalley Jr., who played a scant 25 games for the Braves in 1954 during his 11 year career, was not really a player of any note. In a fully integrated league, there probably wouldn’t have been a place for him. He would father Roy Smalley III who had a number of excellent seasons with the Twins and the Yankees. I hope Smalley was able to take pleasure at his son’s accomplishments.

There are a few other interesting notes to share about Roy Smalley. He was displaced by Ernie Banks as the Cubs regular shortstop. His brother in law was Gene Mauch, often lauded as one of the great baseball managers ever. As would sometimes happen in Chicago, Smalley was booed often and was even roasted in the papers by Mike Royko.