Jason Heyward Tribute #5

I shall repeat a fact from the back of this card, which I neglected to scan because I am a deeply lazy person.

Twice in a nine day period in 2010, Jason Heyward had a four hit/four RBI game. In the history of the Atlanta Braves, the only other rookies to accomplish this are Earl Williams, David Justice and Chipper Jones. Williams and Justice both won the Rookie of the Year. Chipper and Heyward both deserved the rookie of the year award. (You can take your Buster Posey crap and shove it. OK? Number one: he was OUT. Braves fans will know what I mean. Number two: Posey had an impressive 3.7 rWAR in 2010. Heyward's was 6.4. Bite me.)

   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1505.0"]<img src="http://MadGlavSmoltz.micro.blog/uploads/2018/e80e8cab27.jpg" alt="2011 Topps Triple Threads Auto Relic #TTUAR-6"/> 2011 Topps Triple Threads Auto Relic #TTUAR-6[/caption]