I'm Rooting for Blaine Sims

This is one of the best profiles I've ever read of a Braves minor league player. It rates up there with DOB's piece on Evan Gattis from spring training of 2012. It sure makes it hard not to pull for the kid. It also makes me wish Martin had the time to write stuff like this full-time.

Then in early May his manager came to him and told him, “[the organization is] flying you out to see Phil Niekro.”

Sims flew up to Gwinnett to meet with Niekro and as he tells it, “I throw two knuckleballs, and he said ‘stop, that plays in the big leagues. Hands down,’ he said, ‘you’ve got a big league knuckleball.’” Blaine was blown away by the instruction that Niekro gave him in just a few short days.
— http://www.gondeee.com/2013/07/08/blaine-sims-the-next-braves-knuckleballer/