Card Show Pickup #11: 1959 Braves

So, I think 1952 Topps is overrated, 1953 Topps is amazing, 1954 Topps is the greatest ever, 1955 Topps is great, 1956 Topps is even better, 1957 Topps is a great plain design, and 1958 is simply OK. Now, the 1959 design is one I shouldn't love. The photograph take up a small portion of the card thanks to the circle. Other than the photograph, it's basically just an update of the 1958 design, but every change from that design is an improvement: the angled name, the logo not surrounded by a circle, and the position and team being included on the background, rather than separated with a different background color.

This card also serves as a reminder that Topps has always had problems in the quality control department. His name is spelled Lew of course, which is short for Lewis.

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