Card Show Pickup #10: 1958 Braves

It's always nice to pick up an old baseball card with a player I've never heard of and read up on the guy. Rice was the backup for Del Crandall on the 1957 World Championship Braves. He played for 17 seasons is the big leagues at essentially replacement level. He made an All-Star team with the Cardinals in 1953.

Now, the 1958 Topps set is not my favorite. In fact, I'd even go as far to suggest its the worst of Topps sets from the 1950s. (That said, it's leaps and bounds ahead of any set put out this century.) Typically, I prefer a real background on card backs and I think this set could have used photographic backgrounds. The design isn't just plain. It certainly isn't as plain as 1957, but it is far more boring. I don't even like the font they use for the name.

(I do love, love, love the Sport Magazine All Star card form this set. The only two I have so far are Aaron and Musial, but I may have to get them all.)

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