A Few Sunday Morning Thoughts

  • I think that the MLB.TV and cable company robber barrons are on to me. Just two days after posting about my misplaced internet address allowing me to watch Braves games over MLB.TV, I now find myself blocked. I had to listen to that awful hack Chip Caray last night. Vin Scully to Chip Caray is a pretty wide disparity in quality. Oh well. I enjoyed listening to Scully when I had the chance. Come to think of it, Scully would make a great addition to the Allen & Ginter autograph checklist. Get on it Topps.

  • I bought two rack packs of Topps Archives and I received my Braves team set so I'll get a review up later today once I've scanned a few cards. I pulled a Don Baylor autograph in one of the packs which is kind of cool I guess. I've always liked Baylor.

  • I'm about to head over to Marietta for the Sports Memories card show at the Courtyard Marriott off Delk Road. Over at Cadboard Junkie, dayf has a good write up with tons of pictures showing what kind of stuff you'll find at the show. I just hope he didn't clear all the good stuff out of those bargain boxes.

  • After the vintage show, I may stop by another card show at the Hilton Garden Inn on Windy Hill Rd. I've been on the email lists for these shows for years now, but I've never gotten off my ass and checked one out. It's a multi-vendor show, but I worry that they concentrate mostly on newer hit stuff. I hope I'm wrong. The only thing I'm looking for today are bargain boxes.

  • And that is all. I hope you all have a great Sunday. Go Braves.