Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Set Collection: 1985 Topps

I’m on an end of year set completion binge. In the past two weeks, I’ve managed to complete six different sets (and make significant dents in two others). The first of these is 1985 Topps where I only needed two cards. They were, unfortunately, good ones so I kept putting off buying the cards. Well, I had a decent amount of credit in my Check Out My Cards account so I bought a bunch of cards including the two below.

These are two of my least favorite players of all time, but they were certainly damn good ones. (Seeing Clemens Topps rookie card reminds me of a fateful decision I made years ago. I was in a card shop in late 1984 and had the choice of purchasing 1984 Topps Traded or 1984 Fleer Update. I chose the Topps set. Big mistake since 84 Fleer Update had both Clemens and Kirby Puckett.)

I’m utterly certain I had both of these cards at one time, but cards have come and gone from my collection over the years. I have, at various points of time, sorted all of my cards by team. Ugh. Anyway. I can finally mark this set complete!