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Braves Card of the Day: 1953 Bowman Sam Jethroe #3

As I mentioned the other day, I think the 53 Bowman Spahn is one of the great baseball cards of all-time. I love this card almost as much. Jethroe is one of my favorite of the “old” Braves. He played for Montreal in the Dodgers system, but was traded to the Boston Braves where the “Jet” became the Braves first African-American player.

53 Bowman Jethroe 3a

In his first season with Boston, Jethroe won the rookie of the year award. He was 32 years old at the time. Looking back, the Dodgers keeping him at AAA for two full seasons was kind of ridiculous, but then, the whole system was horrible. Thankfully, unlike many African-American players before him, he at least got his shot in the big leagues.

53 Bowman Jethroe 3b