Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

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Group Break Hit: Bowman Sterling Relics

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I picked up a few nice cards in Thorzul’s December group break. Opened first was a box of 2005 Bowman Sterling. I had the Braves and was assigned the Rangers as my random team, which yielded the two cards below.

I don’t want to like Mark, but I can’t help myself. He seems like a pretty OK guy and his taped message that played during the Bobby Cox tribute last season was excellent. Still, he’s a Yankee, and I would be OK if he never got another hit in his career.
There was a brief moment in time where Giles was almost my favorite player on the Braves. Then they moved him to the lead off spot, he started whining, and his career was pretty much over. From an All Star to a bum in less than a season. Kind of a shame.

I guess it’s a strange turn of events that when he was one of my favorites, I had very few of his cards, and in the past year, I was sent an auto of his in a trade with Alfredo and now I pick up a relic in a group break.